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Investment Banking Jobs

Investment Banking Jobs

Investment Banking JobsInvestment banking jobs still matter despite the drunk-and-disorderly global economy. You don’t believe me? Look at the line-up of investment banks in Face book’s May 18, 2012 IPO: JP Morgan Chase, Barclays Capital, Goldman Sachs (the world’s umber investment bank that didn’t need a bailout from the American taxpayer at the height of the sub prime mortgage tsunami a few years ago), Etc.

Yes. ‘Green’ industry is being touted as the next employment creator. But it won’t gain traction as long as developed and developing economies disagree about who is to blame for emitting the most green house gases, who should be the first to cut their emissions, when they should do it. Who shouldn’t, and why etc. But guess what, as long as companies need capital to go public, capital to expand overseas, capital to develop new products and services, capital to buy that irritating start-up competitor. Then there will be need for investment banking and investment banking jobs. And by the way, even governments, particularly developing world governments, are nowadays looking to raise capital to fund huge infrastructural projects. They too need a guiding hand from investment banks.

Direct Management is always available and willing to help their clients behind every investment they are looking to make.

How investment banks earn their bread

Investment banks primarily assist companies and governments raise capital on the debt markets by both advising their clients regarding the financial regulations governing the different debt instruments (IPO, sovereign bond, rights issue.etc) and marketing the capital raising initiatives to ensure the client’s efforts succeed. Investment banks then either get paid a commission from the capital raised or a flat fee, depending on the contract between them and their clients. Secondarily, investment banks make money by buying and trading shares, analyzing public companies and level 2 quotes, issuing reports (you must have heard of the analysts that public companies, especially on Wall Street, have to please. Yes, it’s investment banking analysts), researching about various commodities (such as oil), asset classes (such as property) and selling this information, etc.

How do I get in?

Good question. Competition to enter the investment banking galaxy is ruthless because there’s only a fistful of companies to go around (the sub-prime mortgage tsunami drowned former powerhouses such a Lehman Brothers and err ill Lynch) and worse, almost all of them are headquartered in America. So, the first unfair advantage is that you need to live in America. Second, you need to have a head for numbers from your infancy (your academic records from primary school have to be excellent) to your MBA. Third, and related to the first requirement, you have to be a My League graduate: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, etc. It doesn’t mean that your application will be rejected if you are University of Southern California alum, but the thing is that the investment banking family is like OPEC, it doesn’t easily admit outsiders unless you bring rare skills to the blood line. Fifth, have a well-pressed suit to impress the talent scouts when their recruitment rocket lands on your campus, regardless of whether you are male or female. You are on your way to joining the hallowed club and who knows, in future you may become a US Treasury Secretary just like Robert Rubin. Yep, he once worked at Goldman Sachs. If you don’t land investment banking job don’t fret, there’s always the ‘green’ jobs.

The pay, your job description Despite the unstable global economy and the resulting unemployment/ cross-industry layoffs, investment banking jobs still pay handsomely. Average 2011 starting salaries for bachelor’s degree recruits ranged between $100.000 and $130.000 annually. MBA recruits’ annual salaries ranged between $90,000 and $180,000. Please note that these figures include your industry ‘birthright.’ that is, your annual bonus.

Bachelors degree recruits usually begin as analysts and you will be required to analyze everything from oil to the Mexican peso to the effect of a Jay-Z/Cold play joint summer tour on Ticket master’s stock price (syke, but you get the picture). Remember that head-for-numbers ability mentioned earlier? Now, add the patience to sift through a shipload of information and sex it up for your bank’s clients, and you will do well in your 2-year analyst incubator. From there you can decide whether you are cut out for the industry or not. If the answer is the former, it’s strongly recommended you go back to your alma mater and study for an MBA and then rejoin the galaxy as an associate. Otherwise, your career movement may move sideways instead of upwards. If not, once again. Check out the ‘green’ jobs on Craig list. Associates, i.e. MBA recruits, have a slightly better experience (and also make more money) than analysts since they can rotate between different desks from corporate finance to mergers and acquisitions to equity markets to trading. Your responsibilisets, to advising your employer on the best social media strategy, etc. Survive in this microwave for 3 years and presto, here comes the promotion, a license to recruit your own clients for the firm’s services and earn a share of the profits too (similar to Bernie far-off, but legally), a seat on the board, membership to the C-suite, an invitation by Richard Branson to visit Necked Island. Yes, you can.

The burglar On the B-side, investment banking can ‘burglaries’ your family and hobby time because of its demanding nature, especially when it’s time to launch a new IPO, for instance. So you will need a very understanding spouse and children. You can always ‘buy’ their silence with an annual trip to Barbados on a private jet, but it won’t matter much when you regularly miss Jnr’s portrayal of Romeo in his school’s play. Better yet, don’t get married, well, at least not while you’re a prominent player.

And worse, aim Street blames investment bankers for all manner of ills infecting the economy from packaging ‘toxic’ products and presenting them as candy to causing high unemployment rates by pressuring companies to focus on short-term profits to causing the depreciation of vulnerable currencies such as the Zimbabwean dollar. You will need a substantial budget to hire silver-tongued lobbyists to represent your interests next time Congress threatens to tax 50% of your bonus that can run a developing-country’s government ministry.
Investment banking jobs, anyone?

Tips On Locating The Best Possible Job

Best Possible JobIt isn’t easy to find a job, especially when you don’t know where to look. Lots of information exists for people searching for jobs. This guide will assist you in finding your dream job.

Try organizing your resume by priorities. You should list your most important and most relevant information first on your resume. You should also list any key accomplishments near the top of every position that you have held. This will help your prospective employer see the most important details first when they begin reading your resume.
Need a new job? Our professional resume writers prepare resumes, cover letters, selection criteria responses and LinkedIn profiles that will put you ahead of the rest. Tap into our employment expertise – contact our team of over 40 writers and win that interview.

When you are applying for a job, make sure that you find one that is in your sector and applies to your studies in college. This is important as each job that you take helps to build your resume for the type of work you will be doing in the future. Therefore, you will want to do something that you concentrate in.
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A famous job-searching website

job searchThere are many websites are found in the internet for posting resumes and getting a desirable job. The is one of the best recruitment websites among all the websites that satisfy employers highly. It is a free job search website which connects skilful job applicants and entrepreneurs in New York State, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New Jersey.

Each job matters are found here. Their job database is steadily being upgraded with the new customer service jobs, construction, market value of products, labor jobs, office administration jobs and more. Here, the employers are offered an inexpensive, web-based recruiting solution to meet a diversity of hiring needs. At Cheaphires, only 10% of the cost of the competitors is needed to take recruitment. It does not get any further simple. No sorting resumes and no unknown phone calls to attend to. The range of all packages is from $19.95 to $99.55.

Profit for employers and job applicants

Cheaphires is created for the particular needs of job seekers, supplying a resource which does the task for the applicant by saving the valuable time of countless jobs searching on the internet.
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How to Get an Investment Banking Jobs

Investment Banking JobsInvestment banking jobs are accessible with a few types of organizations. Countless jobs can be found at the bigger global investment banks like Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, or the investment banking division of a sizeable commercial bank like Deutsche Bank or Citigroup. Other investment banking jobs can be found at regional investment banks like Greenhill, Lazard, and Jeffries.

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Altering the hiring system for successful results

Robert W. DugganIt is important for the management to assemble a performance-oriented team to take part proactively in achievement. The hiring habits of several companies follow a stringent process that helps the avoid hurdles in productivity. Most successful entrepreneurs and billionaires develop a stable foundation of the productive hiring system to build a powerful team consisting of people sharing similar idiosyncratic advices. Robert Duggan, the CEO of Pharmacyclics, Inc., a leading biotech company, follows the productive hiring system to produce performance-oriented objectives.

Being a successful man in life and profession, he considers building relationships is important to reach the goals of the business. With an excellent team working towards a similar objective, organizing becomes easy for the management. It also assists in leading the team proactively. He became the CEO in the year 2008 after selling an excellent robotic surgery company. By that time, the company was officially a penny stock. FDA rejected the cancer drug application the previous year for which the share prices fell down drastically. The trading price stood at 57 cents and was going through a rough time.

Rather than leaving the company, Robert W. Duggan got down to work by altering the work culture. There was a rally for the team working under him as the focus was on leukemia and lymphoma. The company’s next drug, Ibrutinib, made a breakthrough and received acceptance from the FDA for the therapy of mantle cell lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia. His commitment towards the company made it possible for the success. Moreover, creation of the perfect team helped come out with the drug that helped patients suffering from the diseases. This incident has escalated the share price of the company in excess of $100.

Like any other great people, Robert Duggan accepts the success due to the people surrounding him. Moreover, treating employees with respect and addressing them accountable for their deeds for the rest of the team made it possible for him to achieve favorable results. It is his strategy to establish a system that comprises of a powerful combination. The stable foundation of retaining system helps in bringing aboard the people who have similar thoughts. Establishing the productive work culture where every person is countable delivers a successful ambience. It was possible for him to achieve success with the alliance.

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Where to Find Online ITIL Courses for Your Needs

Online ITIL CourseIn this highly advanced society, it is important to keep abreast with the fast-paced changes and improvements by updating your knowledge and skills in the field of Information Technology. Individuals and businesses can have an edge over their competitors by undertaking a basic or advanced online ITIL course to enhance their professional skills. With Pennine Solutions, you can count on the fully-accredited ITIL training courses for individuals and corporate clients.

Essential Facts about the Company

Penning Solutions provides a wide range of services for various levels of ITIL training online, which is based on a video-learning platform. You can rely on top-quality products and services such as ITIL online instructors, forums, workbooks, and several other learning resources that can further enhance your learning.
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Generate Extra Income with These Effective Stock Market Techniques

Read These Stock Market Tips To Make Extra IncomeFor almost any anecdote involving a person making it big on the stock market, it is typical that there is always an unfortunate story about someone hitting rock-bottom in the market. With this in mind, you should be wiser in your investment strategies to secure your profits. You can boost your chances of succeeding in the market by implementing these practical tips.

Before you begin placing your money with any broker, you need to check first their background thoroughly. By devoting some time on researching about potential brokers, you can save yourself from issues such as investment fraud.

Never make a mistake of acting on impulse before you start investing. You should begin by reviewing the entire process of day trading. This step is a wise move prior to making your first investment. According to experts, you should at least spend about three years observing the market activity and trends. By doing so, you will be prepared and more confident on trading. This also gives you greater chances of accumulating better returns on your investment.

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Karatbars Silver World-wide

Karatbars forumKaratbars Global GmbH concentrates on the specific advertising of small 999. 9 pure platinum bars plus gift items. This offers exclusive items, which include market collector’s things that will memorialize particular cases as an example the distribution of your child, weddings, Easter, The holiday time of year plus 2nd birthdays. Karatbars forum has slowly but surely extensive it truly is production with the optimum standards in the profession related to platinum production. Karatbars perhaps affords the model of enclosed model or perhaps at home top quality collectors’ platinum homemade cards. Loan company homemade cards, specially rare enclosed model homemade cards; probably will importance earlier mentioned the actual selling price of platinum.

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Essential Investing Advice For Stock Market Success

Investing Advice For Stock Market SuccessIf you are considering playing the stock market, you may feel overwhelmed. There are many different variables to consider, and there is also always the chance that you might lose money. By using the advice in this article you will be able to make wise investments, garnering you a profit.

Investing in stocks requires you stick to one easy principle: keep it simple! Trade finance overview makes predictions or examining data points should all be kept simple.

Keep your investment expectations reasonable. Unless you engage in very risky trading, you will not experience instant success and riches by trading stocks. It is not worth the high risk of failing and losing the money that you have invested. By knowing this, you can stay away from costly investment mistakes.

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Good Solid Advice About Personal Finance That Anyone Can Use

Personal FinanceIt is strange that, considering the vital nature of the subject, many people lack training in managing their personal finances. Personal finance skills can save money, improve savings and increase one’s effective income. Fortunately, it is never too late to educate yourself on the subject. Here are a few quick personal finance tips that anyone might find useful:

When you are dealing with finance and working capital management project objectives, there is going to be a lot of hype that you will have to try to avoid. Do your own research and try not to be influenced by friends and family. This will help you to form logical opinions and avoid simply going with the crowd.

Watch out for heavy investors’ fees. All investment brokers charge you to invest your money and choose investment options for you. These fees can end up cutting into your overall profits. Do not use brokers who take big commissions, and stay away from funds with high management costs.

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Things You Must Do To Make The Most Out Of Your Money

Most Out Of Your MoneyMost people experience a variety of problems when trying to balance their personal finances. They easily overspend, lose track of where their money is going and therefore end up getting into debt. This article will contain tips on how to effectively manage your personal finances and how to become debt free.

Tackle your debt by paying down the highest-interest debts first. Typically, the highest interest rates are on credit card debt. Prioritizing the repayment of high-interest debt can save you thousands of dollars in interest charges, depending on your balances. As a bonus, putting money toward your debt is a risk-free way to “make” money, since you won’t incur future interest charges on debt that you no longer owe! Aceltis Group can help you settle any of your debts and you can take a look on their Aceltis Mortgage Blog for more information about 203k loan.

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Get Your Finances Together By Using These Tips

Get Your Finances TogetherIt is so easy to get lost in a confusing world of numbers, rules, and regulations that sticking your head in the sand and hoping that it all works out for your personal finances can seem like a tempting idea. This article contains some useful information that might just convince you to pull your head up and take charge.

If you are traveling overseas, be sure to contact your bank and credit card companies to let them know. Many banks are alerted if there are charges overseas. They may think the activity is fraudulent and freeze your accounts. Avoid the hassle by simple calling your financial institutions to let them know. Many companies offer traveling plans, which you should take advantage of.

Do not get a credit card until you are familiar with its terms. Credit card companies do not always tell you important information regarding their policies and fees. Make sure to read any documents carefully before signing up for a credit card. Ask a family member or friend if you do not know what the terms mean.

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Go through different articles to know more about the wealth-building seminar

wealth-builders seminarIf you want to know all the basic facts about why you should attend the wealth building seminar in San Diego, then you can go through the full article displayed online regarding the benefits of the San Diego wealth builders’ forum, and the encouraging speech delivered by the famous real estate researcher and developer Than Merrill. Their articles are rich with all the main points which are discussed as part of the wealth building platform.

If you go through the full article about Than Merrill, his achievements, and his wealth building seminars, suggestions, insights, and recommendations, you will know instantly how you have achieved the initial pathway to happiness and success in the realty business. You can also visit Than Merrill’s personal website and go through his blogs, articles, market reviews, and other speculations. His insightful comments on marketing strategies, real estate planning and execution, and the successful hosting of entrepreneurial skills- everything can be accessed from his web portal, and also through his social networking platforms.

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Intervestor – Make profit online

Make profit onlineThe word “Intervestor” is a consolidation of two words which are “internet” and “investor”. Intervestor is an exclusive and lawful approach that specifies how to make easy money online. It was set up by Eric Roberts. One can never be a successful businessman by knowing only basic information instead of knowing the whole process. Intervestor appreciates this. Basically, it is a training agenda that constitutes a complete home study course and manual products. Step-by-step guides, DVDs, live instruction events, toolsets, and weekly webinars are provided to the users that makes the learning strategy very easy, straight forward and joyful. Intervestor is the best online system of the internet for purchasing websites. It demonstrates investors about the method of purchasing the website business with annual profit over 50%. It abbreviates a method that has been improved and successfully implemented. So, on the whole, it is a smart policy to plan easy money online.

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Website SEO for clinicians!

Website SEOSEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It refers to the method of developing the position which website appears at in the organic search results addressed by sites like Google. In the UK, there are several searches every month related to physiotherapist services. The physiotherapist clinic believes in only a few methods of attracting new clients, i.e. by former clients’ word of the mouth, and the Internet.

In this regard, Practice website is also the cheap solution for the health professionals who are usually looking to upgrade or make a new and powerful online presence. Such sites provide a wide range of health efficient website designs that come loaded with search engine optimized composition for the osteopathic, podiatry, chiropractic, veterinary surgeons, physiotherapy and other medical professions. These websites also offer a huge collection of powerful standard features that makes the site become a compelling online force within the local community.

Exceptional Characteristics Offered

There are some phenomenal features of physiotherapy website seo mentioned below:

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Do I need a marketing budget for the sfm?

marketing budgetWhen deciding to join six figure mentors or not some people often worry that they don’t have much of a budget and so they won’t have much chance of succeeding.

Well let me just say that this kind of thinking is completely incorrect and in fact I am living proof of this fact.

I started The SFM with a marketing budget of zero and I used many free marketing strategies to start getting quality leads and then those leads turned into sales and then I reinvested my profit into paid advertising strategies.

Now you might be wondering what free strategies did I use to generate leads in the beginning.

Well the answer is I actually used many different strategies, but the main two that got me the most success were video marketing and forum marketing.

Video marketing works by creating a video all about the particular keyword that you want to rank for and then putting a link to your website at the end of the video and then uploading your video t the various video sites out there.

Now you can manually upload you videos to the video site or you can use a software like Video Geyser and then the process will be automated for you and only take a few minutes instead of few hours.

As I mentioned before, the other method I had a lot of success with was forum marketing.

The way this works is by adding a link to your website in you forum signature and the posting in forum topics that are gaining in popularity.

This way whenever a person arrives at the popular forum topic they will also see your comments and then under your comment a link to your website.

Now obviously in both instances video marketing and forum marketing, it can’t just be a plain link to your website or else nobody is going to click it.

Instead you must offer some kind of incentive as to why they should click your link and in my experience a free video training course works perfectly.

Now I know you might now have a free video course and neither did I. This is one of the main reasons that I joined The Six Figure Mentors because not only can you make massive commissions of $1000 to $8000 dollars on their entire product line, but you can also get a free video course form them that you can give away to generate leads for your business.

Watch my six figure mentors review video here

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Find more about Gauer FLO-RAK line of products

Gauer FLO-RAKGauer Metal products, founded by Walter W.Gauer in 1946, have been a renowned metal fabricator for over many years. Gauer began working initially creating bakery racks, carton flow shelving, conveyors, edging machines and more. This initial work of the firm led to the gradual development of the beneficial Gauer FLO-RAK line of gravity or the carton flow sort of shelving products and systems. Besides this, the Gauer metal products company also fabricates and supplies edging machines, clothing donation bins, Gauer bar, and more. Some of the vital services offered by them include; Shearing & cutting, punching & stamping and so on. To know more about the services and products offered visit the site

Overview of carton flow shelving system

Warehouse racking is a vital for almost all industries and manufacturing units out there. Many industries utilize pallet racks for managing their inventory. This sort of machinery or material handling equipment is amazingly designed with multi-levels of storage space and also is greatly utilized in storing materials. These days, material handling equipments are available in different sorts such as pallet flow rack, double deep rack, carton flow rack, and lots more. These high density storage structures assure easy handling as well as transportation of materials, thus improving the effective working procedure within the manufacturing industries.

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OneTick and its solutions for financial issues

trading strategiesWhen you are the owner of a big industry, you have a huge responsibility. You cannot always think about the economical improvement of your company, despite the fact that it remains the most important goal that you must strive towards.

As such, you have to be careful about various financial matters too, for example loss of secure data. The database of a company is very important. If there is any problem in your database then your company might have to face huge losses depending on the severity. So, you must have a software or application that can maintain the overall database and protect it from losing any data.

OneTick is a solution that can assist you in achieving this goal. This is an exclusive implementation developed by the experts of OneMarketData. The software is generally operated through the main server of the database of your company. Also when using OneTick, you are not required to create tables, indexing mechanisms, schemas etc. Therefore, it surely makes your job easy and quick.

OneMarketData and its use

OneMarketData is a company that offers solutions in terms of financial matters. The company was set up by Dr. Leonid Frants. Dr. Frants has extensive knowledge with more than fifteen years in various algorithms as well as statistical approaches. In some big industries such as Morgan Stanley, he offered his contributions.

OneTick is also developed as per his ideas. The installation of this software is as easy, as is its usage. This is why it is used by a huge number of traders. Many consumers are hugely satisfied on using this software.

Exclusive aspects of OneTick

OneTick is nothing but a time series database in finance. This software has uncountable characteristics. It offers solutions enterprise wide. It can easily collect any data that is market-based. The software not only reduces the overall cost, but also keeps your database updated as well as controlled. The employees of your company do not require any special training either to operate it. Basic fundamental knowledge is enough for using this tool.

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