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A day in the Life of a former Investment Banker

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Investment BankerSo you retired the world of investment banking, what to do now? Would life still be the same routine, or will you start changing into the person you want to be? A day in the life of a former investment banker may seem pretty boring and dreary, but actually, it isn’t. You’re free to do whatever you want, no texts or calls from work saying you’ll have to arrange meetings or sitting in a cubicle for hours at a time. But what’s it really like to be a retired investment banker, really?

You wake up at 6:30 in the morning, rub your eyes and forget you’re actually retired. Old habits die hard, and you body’s clock won’t get used to sleeping in late for a while now. Start getting ready and realize it’s a Monday morning and you aren’t even working. You fumble around with your phone for a while until you succumb to a sweet slumber, waking up an hour before noon. By then, you’re probably thinking about your co-workers who are digging their fingers in their hair and trying to solve problems “ASAP”. Think they’re jealous of you right now? A day in the life of a former investment banker seems slower now, its only noon while you think it’s 2 in the afternoon, time for lunch. It seems that everything is going slower than usual, you don’t hear your co-workers talking or anyone asking you about the “model needed to be done ASAP”. You check your phone just in case.

Nothing comes up and your wife is commenting on your nervous state. From 2 to 4 in the afternoon, you laze around your backyard and probably read a book or two until you doze off, waking up to your phone ringing. You immediately grab it and read a text message from one of your friends at work asking about a model you worked on a few months back. Ironically, this was the text message you’ve been waiting for all day, but you just shrug it off and let him solve it on his own. Though realizing your bonus isn’t even in your name yet, you grab the phone and answer back, not willing to take chances. Even if you are retired, disappearing from your co-workers won’t be possible. You scheduled a massage at 6 in the evening, getting ready for another hour of relaxation. And with no hesitation, you switch off your phone and start dozing off while being massaged.

There’s no way work should interrupt your relaxation now, especially when you aren’t even working there anymore. After your massage, you grab a late dinner by the local restaurant at 8 in the evening, meanwhile checking your phone and comparing prices from the food near work. The food’s great, though it’s not the usual $30 meal you expected, it’s actually cheaper. It’s now 10 in the evening and you’ve still got a lot of time in your hands as a retired worker. You head off to a club and drink a few bottles and head back home for a good night sleep.

And it’s a Monday night to boot! Will you get used to the lazy lifestyle as a retired worker, or would you rather be working overtime? Not exactly a scientific question, but hey, a day in the life of a former investment banker isn’t so bad, right? You get to spend your days lazing around and doing what you want to do, catch up on some sleep and spend more time with your family and friends better than spending another Monday night at work.