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Altering the hiring system for successful results

Robert W. DugganIt is important for the management to assemble a performance-oriented team to take part proactively in achievement. The hiring habits of several companies follow a stringent process that helps the avoid hurdles in productivity. Most successful entrepreneurs and billionaires develop a stable foundation of the productive hiring system to build a powerful team consisting of people sharing similar idiosyncratic advices. Robert Duggan, the CEO of Pharmacyclics, Inc., a leading biotech company, follows the productive hiring system to produce performance-oriented objectives.

Being a successful man in life and profession, he considers building relationships is important to reach the goals of the business. With an excellent team working towards a similar objective, organizing becomes easy for the management. It also assists in leading the team proactively. He became the CEO in the year 2008 after selling an excellent robotic surgery company. By that time, the company was officially a penny stock. FDA rejected the cancer drug application the previous year for which the share prices fell down drastically. The trading price stood at 57 cents and was going through a rough time.

Rather than leaving the company, Robert W. Duggan got down to work by altering the work culture. There was a rally for the team working under him as the focus was on leukemia and lymphoma. The company’s next drug, Ibrutinib, made a breakthrough and received acceptance from the FDA for the therapy of mantle cell lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia. His commitment towards the company made it possible for the success. Moreover, creation of the perfect team helped come out with the drug that helped patients suffering from the diseases. This incident has escalated the share price of the company in excess of $100.

Like any other great people, Robert Duggan accepts the success due to the people surrounding him. Moreover, treating employees with respect and addressing them accountable for their deeds for the rest of the team made it possible for him to achieve favorable results. It is his strategy to establish a system that comprises of a powerful combination. The stable foundation of retaining system helps in bringing aboard the people who have similar thoughts. Establishing the productive work culture where every person is countable delivers a successful ambience. It was possible for him to achieve success with the alliance.

It is autocratic for an organization to recognize if a person fits perfectly into the office family. The hiring process has an excellent effect on creating a dedicated team that stands by the side working towards a similar goal. It is necessary to access the skill set of the employee, taking into account the candidate’s comments and observing the interactions with colleagues. A tool across the workplace will get an insight into the candidate‚Äôs potential capability. Altering the hiring process is necessary to work with people who are committed in their work and take are responsible for their activities, not only for themselves but also for the unit. A dedicated team will make a larger difference between struggling alone and becoming the next billionaire.