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Do I need a marketing budget for the sfm?

marketing budgetWhen deciding to join six figure mentors or not some people often worry that they don’t have much of a budget and so they won’t have much chance of succeeding.

Well let me just say that this kind of thinking is completely incorrect and in fact I am living proof of this fact.

I started The SFM with a marketing budget of zero and I used many free marketing strategies to start getting quality leads and then those leads turned into sales and then I reinvested my profit into paid advertising strategies.

Now you might be wondering what free strategies did I use to generate leads in the beginning.

Well the answer is I actually used many different strategies, but the main two that got me the most success were video marketing and forum marketing.

Video marketing works by creating a video all about the particular keyword that you want to rank for and then putting a link to your website at the end of the video and then uploading your video t the various video sites out there.

Now you can manually upload you videos to the video site or you can use a software like Video Geyser and then the process will be automated for you and only take a few minutes instead of few hours.

As I mentioned before, the other method I had a lot of success with was forum marketing.

The way this works is by adding a link to your website in you forum signature and the posting in forum topics that are gaining in popularity.

This way whenever a person arrives at the popular forum topic they will also see your comments and then under your comment a link to your website.

Now obviously in both instances video marketing and forum marketing, it can’t just be a plain link to your website or else nobody is going to click it.

Instead you must offer some kind of incentive as to why they should click your link and in my experience a free video training course works perfectly.

Now I know you might now have a free video course and neither did I. This is one of the main reasons that I joined The Six Figure Mentors because not only can you make massive commissions of $1000 to $8000 dollars on their entire product line, but you can also get a free video course form them that you can give away to generate leads for your business.

Watch my six figure mentors review video here