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Find more about Gauer FLO-RAK line of products

Gauer FLO-RAKGauer Metal products, founded by Walter W.Gauer in 1946, have been a renowned metal fabricator for over many years. Gauer began working initially creating bakery racks, carton flow shelving, conveyors, edging machines and more. This initial work of the firm led to the gradual development of the beneficial Gauer FLO-RAK line of gravity or the carton flow sort of shelving products and systems. Besides this, the Gauer metal products company also fabricates and supplies edging machines, clothing donation bins, Gauer bar, and more. Some of the vital services offered by them include; Shearing & cutting, punching & stamping and so on. To know more about the services and products offered visit the site

Overview of carton flow shelving system

Warehouse racking is a vital for almost all industries and manufacturing units out there. Many industries utilize pallet racks for managing their inventory. This sort of machinery or material handling equipment is amazingly designed with multi-levels of storage space and also is greatly utilized in storing materials. These days, material handling equipments are available in different sorts such as pallet flow rack, double deep rack, carton flow rack, and lots more. These high density storage structures assure easy handling as well as transportation of materials, thus improving the effective working procedure within the manufacturing industries.

Here is a brief insight into the carton flow shelving products offered by the company. Shelf bed is the only sort of full bed carton flow item, which lets your products to easily flow level from starting to the end. Shelf beds eventually will drop into any existing shelf structure and can even replace the old or outdated plastic wheel tracks. Shelf beds sides are channeled so as to make them shallow and fit any sort of flow shelves. The equipment does need to be moved or changed for products to fit aptly on the shelves.

Businesses who have great products which change in size or otherwise alter the location wherein the products need to be delivered throughout the edifice or building will surely benefit from utilizing shelf beds for carton picking. Infeed guides are utilized to define the lanes for specific products with ease. The position of products can be easily adjusted with these guides. The panels’ length and plastic wheel rail of the shelf bed are similar, and this makes it easier for the drop-in shelves installation. This sort of carton load products is extremely durable. Shelf tracks permit cartons to flow effectively and easily. Here are some amazing advantages of using shelf racks;

  • The system lets storage of various products one upon another and thus offering high storage capacity.
  • Materials that stored in racks can be picked up easily and transported means of mechanical devices or forklift trucks.
  • Carton flow rack offered by the Gauer metal products company are designed amazingly and is best suitable to store cardboard cartons. This sort of system let’s easy picking of completely loaded cartons plus other various products on the racks at once.

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