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Investment Banking Jobs

How to Get an Investment Banking Jobs

-Where the Investment Banking Jobs Are

Investment Banking JobsInvestment banking jobs are accessible with a few types of organizations. Countless jobs can be found at the bigger global investment banks like Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, or the investment banking division of a sizeable commercial bank like Deutsche Bank or Citigroup. Other investment banking jobs can be found at regional investment banks like Greenhill, Lazard, and Jeffries.

An additional common place to find investment banking jobs is at alternative asset-management corporations such as private-equity firms or venture-capital firms. Lastly, investment banking opportunities can be found at a few large corporations that may have an inside staff appraising tactical prospects and corporate amalgamation, a perfect example is a company like General Electric.

-Categories of Investment Banking Jobs

. Mergers and Acquisitions
These types of bankers focus on supplying calculated advice to businesses wanting to buy a smaller company or merge with a competitor. They must have strong financial-strategic skills to ensure that deals make tactical and financial sense. Client facing skills are desired, especially at higher levels where interaction with high-status executives is vital.

. Underwriting
One of the standard functions of investment banks is to assist governments and businesses in improving capital. This position comes under the underwriting department. Those working in the underwriting division normally specialize either in equity, debt, or by industry. Underwriters must be capable of connecting with their clients to evaluate their capital requirements while cooperating closely with security people and traders.

. Private Equity
Private equity employment is in line with the most impressive positions of all the finance jobs today. A few of these positions can be discovered inside an investment bank but the majority are located in specialist firms. Like most investment banking jobs, the work load and hours are atrocious and long, but the recompense can be huge.

. Venture Capital
Most venture capital firms concentrate upon quick changing industries like biotech, technology, and green technology. Because of this, individuals that have a flair for chomping numbers and making deals, along with a propensity for fresh technologies, will do well in a venture-capital company. This type of position is great for the “thrill seeker” types of individuals.
-How to Get an Investment Banking Job

Investment banking has a history of being an aristocratic profession. In the past, many individuals came into the industry after a prestigious academic career at an Ivy League or similar university. The most popular route for a person looking for an investment banking jobs is to leave University and work for two or three years at a sizable global bank. After this, many individuals will go back to graduate school to acquire their MBA degree, before going again to their previous employer or another company with a better position.

Even though professional certifications like the CFA designation or Series 7 are not uncommon, they are not as popular in investment banking as other finance subjects. However, the challenge to find a position is fierce, and many companies basically have their crop of eligible candidates. Consequently, the best way to win a position as an investment banker is to do remarkably well in school so that you stand-out as an appealing candidate.