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OneTick and its solutions for financial issues

trading strategiesWhen you are the owner of a big industry, you have a huge responsibility. You cannot always think about the economical improvement of your company, despite the fact that it remains the most important goal that you must strive towards.

As such, you have to be careful about various financial matters too, for example loss of secure data. The database of a company is very important. If there is any problem in your database then your company might have to face huge losses depending on the severity. So, you must have a software or application that can maintain the overall database and protect it from losing any data.

OneTick is a solution that can assist you in achieving this goal. This is an exclusive implementation developed by the experts of OneMarketData. The software is generally operated through the main server of the database of your company. Also when using OneTick, you are not required to create tables, indexing mechanisms, schemas etc. Therefore, it surely makes your job easy and quick.

OneMarketData and its use

OneMarketData is a company that offers solutions in terms of financial matters. The company was set up by Dr. Leonid Frants. Dr. Frants has extensive knowledge with more than fifteen years in various algorithms as well as statistical approaches. In some big industries such as Morgan Stanley, he offered his contributions.

OneTick is also developed as per his ideas. The installation of this software is as easy, as is its usage. This is why it is used by a huge number of traders. Many consumers are hugely satisfied on using this software.

Exclusive aspects of OneTick

OneTick is nothing but a time series database in finance. This software has uncountable characteristics. It offers solutions enterprise wide. It can easily collect any data that is market-based. The software not only reduces the overall cost, but also keeps your database updated as well as controlled. The employees of your company do not require any special training either to operate it. Basic fundamental knowledge is enough for using this tool.

Some of the key aspects of this software are mentioned below:

  • Cost – The database of this software is a platform that contains CEP which is completely integrated. It eliminates the requirement of more than one system and reduces the overall cost. In this way, it is a single solution for a couple of problems.
  • Powerful – This software is no doubt powerful. It is content-aware in case of quotes, trades, order books etc. It has the ability to support row as well as column store in the database, besides offering you the most accurate solutions.
  • Uncountable ticks – This software has the ability to collect as well as process huge number of ticks in a second through just one server.
  • Unlimited volume – There is no limit, in case of volume of data or even length of the storage of history.
  • Implemented by experts – Lastly, the software is fully trusted, as well as certified. They use an algorithm called backtesting in this software.