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Where to Find Online ITIL Courses for Your Needs

Online ITIL CourseIn this highly advanced society, it is important to keep abreast with the fast-paced changes and improvements by updating your knowledge and skills in the field of Information Technology. Individuals and businesses can have an edge over their competitors by undertaking a basic or advanced online ITIL course to enhance their professional skills. With Pennine Solutions, you can count on the fully-accredited ITIL training courses for individuals and corporate clients.

Essential Facts about the Company

Penning Solutions provides a wide range of services for various levels of ITIL training online, which is based on a video-learning platform. You can rely on top-quality products and services such as ITIL online instructors, forums, workbooks, and several other learning resources that can further enhance your learning.

It all started with the initiative of Roger Purdie, who has collaborated with various ICT companies that operate in several countries such as South Korea, Taiwan, Mongolia, New Zealand, Australia, the Middle East and selected nations in Africa. He served as the lead trainer and manager of business relationships in each operating companies, as well as the licensing entities.

In addition to managing business training tasks, Roger is in charge of developing course materials and resources that support the needs of learners in updating their skills in the field of ICT. These relevant resources are also helpful in ensuring their competencies in passing regular assessments. Thus, Roger’s expertise has provided excellent value to a number of business clients in New Zealand, Canada, Australia, the USA, Singapore, South Korea, Moscow, Mongolia, Dubai, China, and several other parts of the world.

ITIL Course Offerings

For those who are planning to improve their knowledge in ITIL, there are several online courses and training offered by the company such as the ITIL foundation program, which serves as an introductory course or pre-requisite for future studies in ITIL. Furthermore, clients may sign up for the ITIL service lifecycle course that is suitable for anyone who are in charge of management roles in the company. The lifecycle course is more focused on the planning and implementing process of service design, strategy, transition and operations. The company also provides other programs include the ITIL capability courses, ITIL-MALC program, and combination options for those who wish to enroll in multiple courses to further enhance their skills and become an expert in ITIL.

For further details, you may contact the company and inquire about the best course option for your specific needs.